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The Ranking Of Omikuji (Paper Fortune)

Many Japanese people visit a Shinto shrine during the first three days of January in order to make traditional New Year's wishes for health and happiness. This is called "hatsumode", the first visit to a shine in the New Year. Then, they draw their fortune. This is called "Omikuji", and it is separated by 6 ranks.

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6 Ways To Use Honorifics In Japan

Japanese usually use honorifics in formal situations. If you come to Japan in business or live in Japan, you will have a chance to use honorifics. It is probably hard to remember all of them. Keep reading to learn about honorifics like "san", "chan", "kun", etc.

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Anime vs Reality in Japan

Lots of people seem to think anime and real Japan are exactly the same. Actually, they are few things they are realistic- but not everything. So, here are some of the differences and similarities between anime fiction and reality in Japan.

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5 Weird Colored Japanese Curry You Will Be Absolutely Surprised By

Most Japanese people like curry. Japanese people have invented some weird curry; here are some of them. If you like curry, you might want to eat them, but some foreigners think they look gross. What do you think?

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7 Interesting Japanese Superstitions You Won't Believe

There are some superstitions in Japan. Your country probably also has superstitions. When I was kids, I believed them, but now I don't. Anyway, Here are Japanese superstitions, so let's compare them with those of your country!

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6 Conveniences Japanese People Can't Live Without

Japanese people have invented many convenient things that are just expected in Japan. These things improve life quality. I can't live without them!

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Japanese Girls are Obsessed with Having Small Faces

Head size! In Japan, head size is serious point on the standard for judgement of attraction. Is the size of your head considered attractive in Japan?

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6 Katakana Japanese You Probably See In Japan

Japanese has three language, hiragana, katakana, kanji. Today, I'll focus on katakana. Japanese uses Japanese English with katakana. You will see some sighs written by Japanese English or hear from conversation with Japanese. Then, I'll tell you some famous Japanese English.

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Guessing 10 Japanese Animal Sounds

Japanese has many unique animal sounds. You probably have your country's animal sounds. Guess the Japanese animal sounds and you know how you are Japanese. Maybe, It is super difficult to guess lol.

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5 Japanese Carbohydrate On Carbohydrate Food

Japanese likes to invent new things that foreigner can't imagine. This article focus on food. Japanese love carbohydrate. So, I'll show you some carbohydrate on carbohydrate foods Japanese likes. You might not imagine Japanese eats them, but It is so good. You should try to eat them when you come to Japan.

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