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A Special Celebration For Young Girls!

Hinamatsuri is known as the Girls Doll Festival that celebrates the growth of the young girls. I will introduce what Japanese people do on the Hinamatsuri.

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Uniqueness Of Valentine's Day: A Special Day For Girls In Japan

In Japan, Valentine's Day is the occasion when women express their love to the men by giving chocolate. In recent years, however, the chocolate has gained more meanings than just love. I will introduce some different types of chocolate for Valentine's Day.

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3 Unbelievably Dangerous Festivals Of Japan!

In Japan, a tremendous number of festivals are held every year, and some of them are so dangerous that participants can get injured!

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The Incredibly Skillful Candy Crafting Arts

Kintaro ame(金太郎飴) is the one of the most popular Japanese candy crafts. It is easy to bring and distribute, so the candy is a highly recommended souvenir.

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3 MUST Japanese Words You Should Learn First

How many Japanese words do you know? Japanese has a lot of words that have no equivalent in English. I will introduce 3 Japanese words you should learn first. These words will make Japanese conversation much smoother.

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3 Best Nagoya Food You Should Try

Nagoya, the prefectural capital of Aichi, is one of the biggest cities in Japan. It is famous for its unique food culture called "nagoyameshi".

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The Horrible Ogre Comes To Your House!

In Akita prefecture, the northern part of Japan, there is the folk event called "namahage". Every year, namahage visit the house to find someone who is lazy, or to take the naughty children away to the mountain.

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3 Unique And High-Performance Nail Clippers From Japan

Japanese nail clippers are becoming popular among tourists because the blades cut well, and the cover prevents the cut nails from scattering. Also, there are a lot of different designs. I'm sure that Japanese nail clippers will be a good gift for your friends!

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The Coolest Part Of Tokyo: Nakano Broadway

Nakano Broadway is one of the most attractive places for those who love Japanese "otaku culture" such as animation, manga, figures.

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3 Affordable Eye Cosmetics That Make You Kawaii

Have you heard of tsukema? It is one of the most popular Japanese eye cosmetics. Japanese girls think that the big eyes are important to be beautiful, so Japan has many kinds of cosmetics to enhance the eyes. I will introduce 3 recommended products that are affordable and useful.

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