Updated: February 23, 2018
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February 22 Is A Cat's Day!

In recent years, cats are very popular in Japan. February 22 was cat day, limited cat goods were sold, and topics of cats were picked up by many Web media.

This is KALDI's "Cat Day Bag". It is limited item. It was sold at stores and online shops from today, but sold out already. I went to the shop this evening, but it was sold out in the morning and I could not get it. I feel blue... (´・ω・`)
Happening happened at a house decorating dolls for the Hinamatsuri on March 3.
Ah! The cat will eat it!
And pre-registration of the application named "nyatching" for cat's owner has started. It is an application that a cat owner who is out of the house helps, it seems to be able to help with neighboring people.
In Japan, we can deposit in pet sitters service, pet hotel or animal hospital.
However, it is good to use such an app that helps owners to help each other.
Img about01 nyatching.info
Now, I'm going to look for cute and funny pictures of cats again :)

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