Updated: November 28, 2016
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Primer For Train Etiquette

Riding on a train requires consideration more than you might think.

Primer For Train Etiquette

Travelers to Japan may find riding the subway trains an experience that will make a lasting impression on you. What you don’t want to do is leave a lasting impression of yourself on anyone else. You don’t want to be “that guy” on the train. Because the train cars can become more crowded than you can almost imagine, seemingly inoffensive behavior can make the trip more uncomfortable for others.
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1. No smoking on the train. Even in the United States smoking in indoor public spaces has been legislated against, so don’t do it there.
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2. No talking on your cell phone. In fact, make sure to turn your phone to silent mode or manner mode as it is known in Japan.
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3. Don’t take the first “no” for an answer when you offer your seat to the elderly or anyone in need because it is just a customary face-saving refusal.
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4. Don’t be loud. It is okay to speak to another person but pitch your voice to its least offensive volume. . Also keep the volume of your headphones to a minimum to avoid sound leakage.
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5. Don’t take too much space. Be aware of your body geometry. Keep arms and legs together, sit upright and do not sprawl. If you have large bags or a bulky backpack, place them up on the rack above the seats.
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6. Keep your germs to yourself. Do not cough or sneeze on anyone. In fact, if you are ill wear a surgical mask.
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