Updated: March 08, 2016
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3 Ways That Japanese Food Culture Influences America

After World War II, the Americans came to Japan to set up military bases, introducing new foods like the Sasebo burger in the process. But this influence isn't a one-way street as Japanese food culture is also picked up by discerning Americans and popularized in America. Here are 3 ways how it influences America:

1) Americanisation of sushi

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When sushi first came to America, the California roll was invented to cater to local palates. It used avocado - a local ingredient - and cooked crab meat. Since then, other variations have appeared, namely the Dragon roll (an outside thick roll of eel and cucumber that are wrapped with avocado) and Rainbow roll (a colorful sushi that meshes the flavors of yellowtail, yellowfin tuna, salmon, butterfly prawn and avocado).

2) Use of yuzu

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American diners are attracted by the amazing floral fragrance of yuzu which is a citrus fruit mainly cultivated in Kochi. Thus, restaurants in the United States use yuzu for a wide range of uses: to accent fish and cooked vegetables, to enhance soy sauces and miso toppings, and even to make desserts! The use of yuzu is set to gain in popularity as more farmers plant yuzu trees.

3) Expansion of sake culture

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Many Americans love how nuanced, clean-tasting sake complements Western cuisine. This leads to more and more American breweries venturing to produce sake. Of course, they tweak their sake-making methods to adapt to local cuisine. For example, brewer Yoed Anis hardly polishes the rice kernels before fermentation, which produces a heavy and robust taste that matches Texan barbecued foods perfectly.
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