Updated: February 25, 2016
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5 Things To Enjoy Winter In Japan

How Japanese people enjoy and endure the coldness of winter in Japan?

1. Eat Hot Pots (nabe)

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Nabe is an indispensable in winter. There are a variety of nabe but the most popular ones are Yose nabe, Chanko nabe, Sukiyaki, kimchi nabe, etc.

2. New Year's Event

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Shogatsu 正月 is an important festival on the first 3 days of new year when family members will reunion and have traditional food together.

3. First Visit of Shrine

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To kick off your new year, visiting shrine is a great thing to do. In shrines, you can send to gods your wish and at the same time you can buy omikuji to see how will your fortune goes in the year. It's quite interesting!

4. Watch monkey in Hot springs

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The monkeys can be found in Jigokudani, Nagano. They often jump into hot springs to protect their bodies from the cold weather in winter. They looks like human beings. Watching monkeys in hot springs and bathing Onsen in Nagano is a good plan to spend winter vacation.

5. Sitting lazily in a kotatsu

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I believe kotatsu is a very typical piece of furniture in Japan. Actually, it's only a small table with a small heat system installed right under the table face. It's comfortably warm to put your legs inside the table and eat oranges are kind of "Happy Time" in winter.
Japanese food!!!!

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