Updated: June 29, 2017
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5 Things To Do In Niigata, Japan

Mention Niigata Prefecture and the world-renowned Koshihikari Rice comes readily to mind. Niigata impresses visitors with delicious rice and sakes, dedicated craftsmanship and deep snowfall.

1) Savor sasazushi (bamboo leaf sushi)

Niigatasasazushi nagasawa https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E7%AC%B9%E5%AF%BF%E5%8F%B8_(%E9%95%B7%E9%87%8E%E3%83%BB%E6%96%B0%E6%BD%9F)
To fully enjoy the fluffiness and sweetness of Koshihikari rice, Niigata’s local specialty, sasazushi is a must-try! Seasoned with vinegar, the rice is moulded into oval shapes, topped off with ingredients like wild vegetables and then placed on bamboo leaves. Definitely finger-lickingly tasty!
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2) Sample awesome sake

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Niigata’s heavy snowfall helps purify water as it seeps into the ground, thus contributing towards top-notch sake. Why not spend a mere 500 yen at Ponshu-kan and choose 5 different types of sake to be dispensed from vending machines? You may just become a sake connoisseur after this fun experience!
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3) Ski and snowboard to your heart’s content

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Soak in the scenic winter views of Akakura and Myoko while immersing yourself in skiing and snowboarding at the many ski resorts. Needless to say, some ski resorts come with rotenburo (open-air public baths), so you can enjoy a refreshing soak after your intense workout!
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4) Shop your heart out at the Tsubame-Sanjo Regional Industries Promotion Center

Sakukiri http://www.tsjiba.or.jp/
The industrial towns of Tsubame and Sanjo are famous for exhibiting a high level of standard for their trades: metal moulding and copperware manufacturing. So this promotion center is the perfect place for you to buy exquisitely crafted knives and spanking new pots!

5) Visit the Hayashi Tominaga Estate

Gaikan http://www.niigata-kankou.or.jp/
Wouldn’t you like to visit a historical house that belonged to a noble family during the Edo period? With the Hayashi Tominaga Estate restored to its pristine state in 1883, now you can! Check out the traditional fireplace and kitchen to experience life during the Edo era!
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