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Friday, August 19, GAME FREAK has started the release of the new game title "GIGA WRECKER", 2D physics-puzzle action game, for Early Access on the online gaming platform Steam.

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5 Things You Might Start Wondering When You Step Into The Land Of Japan

For the Japanese,it's just so usual things that they don't really notice unless someone tell them. However, looking objectively, there are many interesting things that the Japanese culture has.

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Release Your Creativity With The Amazing RPG

The "SMILE GAME BUILDER" for Windows, software, supporting both English and Japanese and allowing the creation of RPGs without the need for programming, will be released on Thursday, September 8th!

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Tecchan: The Japanese Train Otaku

Have you ever heard "tecchan"(鉄ちゃん) or the Japanese train otaku before? Since Japan has so many railways, there is a large number of train otaku. It used to be only for men but nowadays, a girl's version of train otaku called, "tetsuko" (鉄子)is getting popular as well. Here's about the Japanese train otaku or "tecchan" in general.

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5 Most Popular Cosplay Styles In Japan

Cosplay culture is getting more and more popular worldwide. Many people think cosplay is just for anime or manga lovers, but it's not. Any kind of unusual costumes can be defined as cosplay in Japan. Here are 5 of the popular styles.

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Why Do Many Japanese People Prefer Anime To Films?

Of course they are different. But why is there this kind of preference? If you have ever listened to people discussing Japanese anime, you have probably also watched them defending their preference to people who don't understand why they think anime are more interesting to watch than films.

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3 Recommended Maid Cafe In Akihabara

Many people around the world have heard about maid cafes from anime or games, and wondered if they were a real thing. Yes. Yes, they are. Not only are they real, there are over 200 in Tokyo alone, many in Akihabara! But what are they?

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3 Ways Japanese Pop Culture Influences Society

Pop culture manifests itself in every Japanese walk of life.

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"DOA Xtreme 3” A Game Of Dudes' Dream

You can now freely enjoy taking pictures with "Gravure Paradise" and the touch function that will only be available for the PS Vita version.

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New Game PV Of Attack On Titan Has Been Released!

Koei Tecmo Games has released the 3rd promotional video of "Shinjeki no Kyojin" for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

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